Record Review Services

1. Medical Record Review

DSMAG helps you in interpreting medical records with ease. Top notch qualification in health sciences, medical experience and objective assessment competencies enable the experts at DSMAG to efficiently and timely review and analyze medical records. The medical review will be made-to-measure based on your specific needs and the intricacies of the case, which is then presented in the format you prefer.

2.Utilization Review

DSMAG provides high-quality and affordable utilization review of medical treatments and services, making sure it is administered as economically as possible. The review of medical records and other files align with current evidence-based care guideline principles. DSMAG will assist you in concurrent and retrospective utilization review.

3.Medical Claim Review

DSMAG reviews relevant medical records like medical, legal and billing records, which is then transmitted to the client securely. The medical claim review is one of the most coveted services as it is not only helpful in reducing overall costs but a great help in achieving timely and better reimbursement.

4.Initial Case Review

If you’re indecisive about pursuing a medical case, then let us help you make your mind. Our initial case review service helps you make an objective judgment based on a highly-analytical and sharp review from our expert panel. So, let us work with the facts and produce relevant medical information, for you to determine the best course of action.


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