Medical Analytics and Why It Needs To Be Outsourced

Medical Analytics

Medical analytics is a process where relevant healthcare data is accumulated, measured, managed and analyzed in order to secure meaningful insights and trends which support sound decision-making. The data employed in effective medical analytics spans huge swaths in healthcare like clinical data, research & development data, medical bills, medical timelines, claims, pharmaceutical, patient behavior and sentiment data, etc.

It analyzes real-time and historically documented data to generate a myriad of efficacious analytics including but not limited to clinical, financial, supply chain, market trend, staffing, claims and fraud analysis.

Benefits of Medical Analytics

Medical analytics has been proven to significantly improve operational efficiency, streamline processes and improve patient care.
An overall cost reduction is experienced across sectors by using medical analytics to measure and manage the allocation of diverse resources.
Medical analytics gives you access to actionable insights and identifies crucial patterns in a patient’s data, thereby improving the quality of services you impart to your clients.
Overall request-response flow between your staff and consumer/client is improved for future engagements, as you can strategize based on previous interactions.
Medical analytics has been useful in enhancing client acquisition and retention, thereby increasing the revenues.

Why Medical Analytics Needs To Be Outsourced?

Medical analytics is a difficult and delicate process which requires a level of sophistication, security and integration only an expert can provide.
The reliability of the results obtained by medical analytics relies on clean, complete, accurate, and correctly formatted data, and such voluminous data processing is time consuming. Therefore, outsourcing it would be more advantageous.
Medical analytics can substantially reduce the systemic wastage of resources across various industries, yielding profits and putting into effect better resource allocation.
Medical analytics employs state-of-the-art technology solutions to tackle the daunting challenges presented by disconnected healthcare systems, expensive data storage warehouses, data security tools, fragmented data, unstructured clinical data, immature analysis processes etc. Developing and handling this process is never cost-effective in-house.
Outsourcing medical analytics makes sure that your staff focuses on what they were hired for, rather than worrying about gathering and analyzing the data.
Can help you gain comparative insights on the competition between you and other players in the market, which can be leveraged to conceive an improvement in products and processes
Outsourcing medical analytics will be largely a fixed expenditure with a high return on investment, contrary to the variable and unforeseen expenditure involved in owning an in-house data analytics solution


Like everything else, the future of healthcare will also be greatly dictated and driven by data analytics. Medical analytics will be crucial to achieve quality improvements and cost reductions demanded in the healthcare industry. Even the most organized of businesses and professionals will struggle to tame the paradox of increasing productivity while limiting the resource usage. By outsourcing medical analytics, you let others perform high resource-intensive tasks for you while you focus on your expert domain.

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