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Medical index report

Going through hundreds of pages of an individual’s medical records with a fine-tooth comb can be a taxing exercise for an already burdened professional. DSMAG comes to your rescue and helps you focus on only relevant information by providing indexing and chronology facility.

Medical summaries

Dealing with thousands of medical records daily can be nerve-wracking. DSMAG comes to the rescue, by helping you focus on relevant records that are systematically organized as per your organizational needs. To assist you further, we summarize the focus material for a quick review.

Medical abstract/synopsis

A medical abstract summary allows you to learn about the important aspects of a study or research in a short period. They essentially serve as the trailer of a movie, giving you the gist of the entire content. DSMAG cuts down on all redundant data and makes sure that you access only the relevant and the essential.

Medical Narrative Letter

DSMAG prepares a concise running digest of the patient’s medical profile history in a narrative letter format including, but not limited to, procedures, visits, consultations, germane medical records and bills, etc., in a sorted and indexed format.

Medical claim review

DSMAG reviews relevant medical records like medical, legal and billing records and depositions, which is then transmitted to the client securely. The medical claim review is one of the most coveted services as it is not only helpful in reducing overall costs but a great help in achieving timely and better reimbursement.

Prep services

DSMAG specializes in providing unbiased, evidence-based medical assessments and file reviews to examiner that will help in informed decision making.


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