We are a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant medical analytical group

We empower an extensive range of organizations by providing them with the insight, technology and resources to manage time effectively and solve complex data challenges. We help our clients to achieve aggressive cost reduction targets and build for the future with improved levels of business process performance.
We are committed to delivering excellence. We collaborate with clients helping them to upgrade to high-performance businesses by transforming their existing business operations.
Being Client-centric” is a core company belief
We present information that is focused and precise
We maintain your trust and confidence at every level
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    Medical Index, Medical Timeline, Medical summary, Chronology medical summary, Narrative summary, Case Review, Case Abstract/synopsis, Medical summary (defendant)
    Medical index report, Medical summaries, Medical bill review and summary, AMA impairment ratings, Disability summary, Utilization Review, Life Expectancy summaries
    Medical index report, Medical summaries, Medical abstract/synopsis, Medical Narrative Letter, Medical claim review, Prep services
    Medical index report, Short med summaries, Medical Abstraction/Synopsis, Medical bill review and summary, FMCS, DWQ, Work comps record review

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