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Medical Index

Going through hundreds of pages of an individual’s medical records with a fine-tooth comb can be a taxing exercise for an already burdened professional. DSMAG comes to your rescue and helps you focus on only relevant information by providing indexing and chronology facility.

Medical Timeline

Our experts help you carve out a crisp and succinct medical timeline by detailing, reviewing, analyzing, listing and summarizing medical events of significance in a patient’s case.

Medical summary

Dealing with thousands of medical records daily can be nerve-wracking. DSMAG comes to the rescue, by helping you focus on relevant records that are systematically organized as per your organizational needs. To assist you further, we summarize the focus material for a quick review.

Chronology medical summary

DSMAG helps you in chronologically organizing medical records as per your organizational needs. To assist you further, we summarize the focus material for a quick review.

Narrative Summary

DSMAG provides a succinct medical narrative summary description highlighting all the major events that define the course of a medical case. The medical narrative summaries are essential for driving focus on the more pressing matters quickly.

Case Review

If you’re indecisive about pursuing a medical case, then let DSMAG help you make your mind. Our initial case review service helps you make an objective judgment based on a highly-analytical and sharp review from our expert panel. So, let us work with the facts and produce relevant medical information, for you to determine the best course of action.

Case Abstract/synopsis

A medical abstract summary allows you to learn about the important aspects of a study or research in a short period. They essentially serve as the trailer of a movie, giving you the gist of the entire content. DSMAG cuts down on all redundant data and makes sure that you access only the relevant and the essential.

Medical summary (defendant)

A summary which needs to be focused from Defendant’s perspective and understand all aspects of plaintiff’s medical records and the allegations made by the Plaintiff.  DSMAG conducts a thorough review of the medical records to justify plaintiff’s treatment and red flag the challenging medical issues as well as highlighting pre-existing injuries or illnesses unrelated to the claim.  We help in preparing medical summaries which helps you in defending the case and early resolutions.


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