Employment Records Review

1.Deposition by Written Questions (DWQ) Records.

If your case requires data, records, or information from a third party, DSMAG is your best shot to handle the task in a record time, as we will also get the additional requirements done to make it a complete deliverable.

2.Disability Records Review

Litigating for proving disability can be a challenging task, owing to the number of factors which needs to be proved. Let DSMAG be your trusted partner, and help you prove your client’s claim with substantial evidence.

3.Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Records.

DSMAG will help you transform a voluminous Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration documentation to a well-compiled, summarized, labeled and manageable record with ease and accuracy.

4.Works Comp Record Review

Workers’ compensation is an uncomfortable and costly affair for both the involved parties i.e., employer and the injured employee. DSMAG is committed to understanding this predicament and helping its client in the best possible way.

5.Employment Review

Employment review forms an essential practice for most organizations. It is a tedious effort to go back and search for such data. DSMAG helps its clients by providing scrutinized and precise employment review for their clients.


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