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Medical index report

Going through hundreds of pages of an individual’s medical records with a fine-tooth comb can be a taxing exercise for an already burdened professional. DSMAG comes to your rescue and helps you focus on only relevant information by providing indexing and chronology facility.

Medical summaries

Dealing with thousands of medical records daily can be nerve-wracking. DSMAG comes to the rescue, by helping you focus on relevant records that are systematically organized as per your organizational needs. To assist you further, we summarize the focus material for a quick review.

Medical bill review and summary

DSMAG helps its clients reduce their claims liability by identifying any error, omission, duplication in billing and inappropriate charges through our medical bill review services. We help compile and make a succinct summary of the hundreds of medical bills generated.

AMA impairment ratings

A consensus derived percentage estimate of loss of activity that reflects severity of impairment for a given health condition and degree of limitations in terms of activities of daily living.  The AMA Guides provide a reliable, repeatable measurement framework for permanent impairment in patients who have suffered an injury or illness resulting in long-term loss of a body part or reduction of body function. DSMAG’s impairment rating report produced using the appropriate AMA Guides content is the gold standard for documenting permanent impairment to support insurance and legal proceedings.

Disability summary

DSMAG provides disability summary that provides benefits to covered employees who cannot work due to disability caused by an illness or an accident that is not work-related. DSMAG provides systemic review or meta-analysis.

Utilization Review

DSMAG provides high-quality and affordable utilization review of medical treatments and services, making sure it is administered as economically as possible. The review of medical records and other files align with current evidence-based care guideline principles. DSMAG will assist you in concurrent and retrospective utilization review.

Life Expectancy summaries

Life expectancy reports have become a frequent bone of contention in litigation and other allied applications, owing to the advancement in medical science. DSMAG provides its clients with top notch life expectancy summaries based on your submissions.


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