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Hi-tech Medical Record Request.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, known as the “HITECH Act”, provides an innovative method to obtain medical records at significant cost savings. DSMAG can help you access medical records using the HITECH request, saving you time and effort.

Medical Authorization Request.

The process for requesting a medical record by any entity starts with the medical authorization request made. The process is long and tedious. Let DSMAG help you to retrieve medical records efficiently using the medical authorization request.

Short med summaries

The most important and time-saving element of a long document is its summary. DSMAG are pioneers in condensing and presenting a redacted, accurate and short medical summary to its clients which helps in informed decision making.

PDF Binder (customized)

Scattered documents over a range of folders help no one! Our team can help you make the most sense of your medical or legal documents by binding them into a customized format using a PDF binder.

Hyperlinking medical records

Massive data parked in several documents can be easily organized into efficiently accessible information by diligent organizing and efficient hyperlinking of the reference pages. DSMAG provides such hyperlinking capabilities, enabling a busy client to easily manage the abyss of data and reach the depths of a specific portion of the document to assemble critical information instantly.


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