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Initial case review or Brief summary

If you’re indecisive about pursuing a medical case, then let DSMAG help you make your mind. Our initial case review service helps you make an objective judgment based on a highly-analytical and sharp review from our expert panel. So, let us work with the facts and produce relevant medical information, for you to determine the best course of action.

Second opinion review

DSMAG provides its clients with world-class and authentic second opinion letters/reviews which is a major constituent of the physician credentialing procedure. We enable clear, concise and confidential second opinion reviews.

Medical expert opinion

The significance of Medical Expert Opinion in modern litigation practices is unrivaled owing to it being crucial in the discussions of medical-legal cases. The highly qualified and expert medical professionals at DSMAG helps you with accurate and detailed opinions to validate your cases.

Radiology Review

Going through the radiologic films and reports are time consuming and need a good hands to summarize the same.  We at DSMAG conduct a thorough review of radiologic/diagnostic reports and prepare precise reports indicating medical issues as well as highlighting pre-existing injuries, if any.

Utilization Review

DSMAG provides high-quality and affordable utilization review of medical treatments and services, making sure it is administered as economically as possible. The review of medical records and other files align with current evidence-based care guideline principles. DSMAG will assist you in concurrent and retrospective utilization review.

Dental Review

DSMAG has a well experienced dental professionals to review your dental care/oral care records and prepare a concise report, which save your precious time.


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